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Self titled debut EP

CONFORM is Reece Wolff, Matt Grassi, Solomon T

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released August 13, 2015



all rights reserved


CONFORM Toronto, Ontario

I am wasted

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Track Name: FAILURE
Always been a product of circumstance
Never have I been my own man
So I can't truly understand, the responsibility I had

I am wasted
On cigarettes and cheap highs
I am wasted
Can't tell if I'm alive

So put me in my place
I've got only one thing on my mind
to leave behind and define my time
Undermined, unconfined, so fucking blind
To strive for what makes me alive

Molded to the perfect image, quoted money so you give in
To be a doctor, to be a lawyer, fuck no I'd rather die

I won't take my parents dreams, they could have done so
My life, my hopes, my risks, and my fears
This life is not what it seems but what it is you will never know

I can't take this anymore, so fucking trapped so fucking trapped
in society I think losing my sanity

This is my battle cry
I won't fail in the end (I won't fail in the end)
This is my fucking war
I won't fail in the end
Track Name: TWO FIVE EYE
I'm fucking sick, and shit I think I'm losing it
Failure once quit, so I just keep abusing it
Fuck these habits, and tendencies I've created it
This isn't me, I know its not but I keep fueling the fire
Realistically, Inside I rot, for one my desire
Keep fueling the fire! Fire!

Feeling these feelings, never before obtained
All chemically derived from my brain
How strange I exchanged some change
For this array of colours and emotion
Take me away

Now that I see everything
Everything is corrupt
So keep doing your drugs and getting fucked up
Who gives a fuck?
None of us

So keep doing your drugs
and get fucked up
Who gives a fuck?
None of us
Track Name: DəˈSTROI
How the fuck do you expect me to live my life when were all just dying
To no man I'm obeying, and no laws I'm abiding
Can any of you tell me where my life lacks structure and timing
I don't know when I became this mess, but I'm so fucking sick of hiding

Opposing everything that comes to me
Supposed to be something I never will be

My stomach in knots and I wont leave my bed
I've been sleeping for years, I'm practically dead
Conflict and contradiction surrounding me its so hard to see
Suspect and constant addiction obtaining me I'm so fucking weak

Weak in the knees
Spilling out please
A rat like disease in a boy who only sees
The hate in his heart, and the lives you torn apart
Mean nothing to me, I'm waiting release
Fucking take me

I don't see the light in anything anymore
I fucking fight everything that I adore
Rejecting every concept you have to implore
Consume and confide
You will die (you will die)
Create worthless time
Waste your life were on the edge of demise

We're fucked
This whole earth is on the edge of demise
and everybody just wasting life creating worthless time
Scared of the day you will die
So just consume and confide
Consume and confine

Fuck everything you know

This whole earth is fucking burning alive
We're fucking burning alive
Constantly burning alive
This is the edge of demise
Please open your eyes
Open your eyes